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  • Anne’s Packing List

    Maldives Packing list for Women – A checklist created by Anne you could take
    as a guideline if you’re lost with your suitcase/backpack!

    On Me

    (depending on weather back home)

    • Long comfy travel pants
    • T-shirt
    • Hoodie
    • Gym/sports shoes and socks (can use later in the gym)
    • Phone
    • Wallet with passport, credit card, some cash and PADI card

    Check In:

    • 1x Bikini. Ok, maybe 2, but not more
    • 2x Dress, ideally covering up to knees and somewhat over shoulders
    • 1x 3/4 pants or longer skirt up to/over knees
    • 3x Shirt. I would want to take more, but really not necessary
    • 1x short and 1x short dress. If I’d go a day to a resort for a drink, on the bikini beach or on the excursion boat
    • Underwear
    • Sleepwear
    • 1x sports outfit and socks (can easily rinse out and dry in this climate)
    • Toiletries
      • Sun lotion
      • Mosquito spray (also available on Dhigurah)
      • Deodorant spray can
      • Tweezers
      • Floss
      • Basic medicine (e.g. paracetamol/panadol
      • Tampons – Not available on the island
      • Hair brush
      • Shampoo (also available at Bliss or big bottles in the shops here)
    • Snorkeling gear. Probably only mask and snorkel. Fins take up quite a lot of space, are not necessary and can be rented at Bliss anyway. Mask and snorkel can be rented too, but I prefer my own

    Hand Luggage: Rucksack

    • Headphones
    • Powerbank
    • E-reader/Kindle/book
    • Charging cables (laptop, kindle, phone)
    • Game/puzzle book (but hardly used)
    • Plug for airplane headphones (two pin)
    • Toothbrush and paste, floss, tampons, wet facial wipe, deodorant roller (spray not allowed on planes), medication if applicable
    • One set of clean clothes (simple. Underwear + dress)
    • Slippers/flip flops
    • Travel socks for in the plane
    • Laptop + chargers
    • Pen drive with documents/videos
    • Ear plugs (for on the plane)
    • Chewing gum/mints
    • Empty bottle that I can regularly fill with water on the go
    • GoPro and/or Camera
    • Dive computer
    • Sunglasses

    Suitcase VS Backpack

    I will grab my backpack for this one. But there’s much to say for either.

    Why don’t I grab my suitcase? It’s too big, and I will find excuses to fill it up, which is absolutely not necessary. I might reconsider if I’d share the suitcase with my travel partner.

    + Backpack: Smaller, easy to carry around in case I end up in Male’ (for example) on the day of my arrival or departure
    – Backpack: Not easy to keep clothes neatly folded, or easy to grab something that’s placed at the bottom
    + Suitcase: Organized. Easy to wheel around at the airport
    – Suitcase: Cannot easily roll around in Male’ or local islands. If you visit different islands, perhaps consider a backpack. If you plan a Male’ visit before your departure, there is luggage storage at the airport

    *Tried to keep my list to a minimum, but probably still way too much. Want a concise list? Check out what Musannif packs!

    Or check out our photo gallery to see what you’re in for!

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