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  • FAQ’s

    Below you can find the answers to most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Facts

    We are more than happy to answer all your questions through Email, WhatsApp, Viber, Phone call, Instagram, Facebook or otherwise. However, we understand that you might just want a quick answer without reaching out and spending too much time on our website. Below you can find the answers to most Frequently Asked Questions we receive. Facts about the Maldives are listed on the bottom of this page.
    Yes! Guesthouses and boutique hotels on local islands in the Maldives have reopened since November 2020. Consisting out of 1,192 small geographically distributed islands, an outbreak has been managed well.

    No. No restrictions anymore.

    With the naturally isolated islands, we believe it is unlikely that our borders will close again. However, if there is an outbreak in your own country, please double check with us or with the government if you will be allowed to travel.


    There are several ways we may arrange your transportation from Velana International Airport:

    1) shared speedboat transfer – 2 scheduled speedboats a day, one at 11am, the next one at 4pm (10am & 3pm on Fridays): with approximate travel time of 2 hours; cost is USD65 per person/way (USD50/way for kids below the age of 12)*

    2) domestic flight from Velana International Airport to Maamigili (20 minutes), followed by a 20 minutes boat ride from Maamigili to Dhigurah; cost is USD175 per person/way (USD85/way for kids below the age of 12)*

    3) shared sea plane transfer from Velana International Airport to Lux Maldives (30 minutes), followed by a 5 minutes boat ride: cost is USD250 per person/way(USD160/way for kids under the age of 12)*
    *subject to weather *subject to availability *timings and prices are subject to change

    The cost of transportation will be added to your room bill, which will be settled upon check out of Bliss.

    Room & Stay

    Please fill in our group contact form and we’ll get back in touch with you shortly.

    We have limited space in our rooms and therefore it is not possible in most of our rooms to add an extra bed.

    It is possible for a third person to sleep in the Suite. We recommend the connecting family rooms (4 pax) for families. It would be possible to add an extra bed to the family room/Loft if there is a family of 5 people (3 children), however this would limit moving space significantly.

    Children under 6 years old could share the same bed with the parents.

    Currently you can pick off the a la carte menu if you book a room + meal plan, as we do not have buffet style restaurant. For Half Board, breakfast + dinner is covered by us. For Full Board, we cover breakfast, lunch & dinner.

    For dinner in half board or full board, you can pick any* main dish and dessert from the menu. Please keep in mind that the menu might change slightly over time. The meal plan includes bottled drinking water, additional drinks are chargeable.
    *Selected items come with additional charge. 

    In time we might develop set (equally delicious) menus for meal plans.

    Excursions & Activities

    We spot Whale sharks throughout the year. It depends a bit on the weather how easy they are to spot from the boat. The calmer the sea and sunnier it is, the easier it is to see them.

    Other sharks are always around as well. Other (harmless) sharks we frequently see are: Black tip, White tip and Grey reef sharks. You’ll see nurse sharks more on dives than during snorkeling. Occasionally a different shark species visits, after which the snorkel/dive community goes out of their way to find them.

    It’s possible to spot Mantas throughout the year when diving. There is a cleaning station nearby that is frequently visited. For snorkeling there are some months with a lot of activity where the manta rays can also be spotted in our lagoon. Last year this was from January to about April, and it might repeat itself before the end of the year. However, it is harder to predict.

    Yes. Most of the beach surrounding Dhigurah has soft white sand, with occasionally some coral. Definitely good to swim from!

    At Bliss, we operate excursions and diving on a flexible schedule, allowing our guests the convenience of not needing to make prior reservations. Our experienced excursion guides and dive instructors will be happy to assist you once you are here with us.

    Money & Payments

    We accept a wide variety of card payments (among which Amex, VISA, Mastercard and Union Pay). Cash payments are are only accepted in USD or MVR (We cannot accept Euros).

    !Please note that the Maldivian bank is very particular about the condition of the USD notes. Old and/or lightly damaged notes, even though still accepted in other countries, will be refused by the national bank of the Maldives.

    Please don’t take offense, it is purely that the note will have no worth to the individual to whom you are paying.

    Particularly the old US$100 bill is refused. The new $100 bills can be identified by the blue stripe that runs across.

    Yes! Since 2020 we have an MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa) ATM on Dhigurah. Please bare in mind that it is not always working or filled with money. To be safe, we always advice to get money from the ATM at the airport. Our hotel representative welcoming you at the airport can help you with this.

    You cannot exchange money on Dhigurah, so exchanging needs to be done at the Male Airport.

    The Island

    Yes. There is a designated bikini beach within a few minutes walk from Bliss. The beach itself starts only 20 meters from our front door, but the official ‘bikini beach’ starts from the boat yard, about 50 meters further.

    There are two networks, Ooredoo and Dhiraagu. Both can be found at the airport and both are working equally well on the island. Though, rumor has it that Ooredoo has a slightly larger 4G coverage.

    No, the local shops only accept cash. The souvenir shops accept USD as well as MVR, whereas the local grocery shops usually accept only Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). Furthermore, the pharmacy only accepts payments in cash in MVR.



    Islands: 1,192
    Inhabited islands: +- 227
    – Resorts: 127
    – Local islands: +- 100
    Inhabitants: 440,362
    Religion: Islam


    Degrees: 25°C – 32°C / 77°F – 89.6°F
    Season: Rainy and dry
    Weather: Often sunny
    Dive weather: Almost always


    Translation: Long Island
    Length: +- 4km / 2.5mi
    Width: +- 300m / 328yd
    Inhabitants: +- 600
    Distance to MLE: 97km / 60mi
    Attire: Modest in village, bikini on bikini beach
    Alcohol: Illegal – Day trip to a resort easily arranged
    Why? 1 Whale sharks spotted 12 months per year

    Why? 2 Stunning long beach

    Local island

    Live among the locals

    Advantage: Experience life in the Maldives. More personal service. Cheaper than resorts for the same stunning beach and ocean.

    Disadvantage: No alcohol served ón the island, a day trip to a resort is easily arranged. Bikinis can only be worn on the private bikini beach or on the excursion boats and while diving/snorkeling.


    “One island – One resort”

    Advantage: National religion doesn’t apply. Some resorts serve pork, alcohol can be consumed and bikinis can be worn almost everywhere.

    Disadvantage: Secluded from local experiences. When booked, you’re stuck at the resort and cannot easily change accommodation. Often high prices.

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