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  • Wedding Vows

    Dreaming of a wedding on a local island in the Maldives or to renew your vows?
    We can help you celebrate this special moment!

    Celebrating love in Paradise

    First or Renewal of Wedding Vows

    Dreaming of a wedding on a local island in the Maldives or to renew your vows? We can help you celebrate this special moment!

    Although we cannot arrange a legal wedding ceremony in the Maldives, we can assist in celebrating (the renewal of) wedding vows. We are flexible and can arrange your special moment as per your wishes.

    Not sure what to do? We’re glad you asked! We suggest the following:


    The ceremony setup will be on the beach / sandbank at the end of the island (if the weather permits). You could be dressed in traditional Maldivian attire at the hotel and we will drop you off at the tip of the island by small boat or motorbike.

    Our staff will receive you there and escort you to the area of the event, which we decorate with a tropical theme and flowers. For this walk, a group of traditional Maldivian drummers (boduberu) will accompany you while drumming and singing traditional Maldivian/Dhivehi songs.

    Renewal of Vows

    After you take a seat, the drummers will take a break while the facilitator shares a few words and invites you to exchange your vows.

    Throughout the vows, we will play soft music and at the moment of exchanging rings, we will throw flowers. When the vows have been made, you can then move on to the small cake and the bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Note: Unfortunately, it’s illegal to serve alcohol on local islands.


    The professional photographer will be capturing your moments throughout the ceremony and afterwards. It is up to both of you on whether you’d like to spend some extra time by the beach for an extended photoshoot. On availability and request, we will also be using a drone to complement the photographer’s pictures with aerial shots. We will document your journey to the end of the island till the end of the photoshoot.

    After the photo session, we will move back to the hotel where you will plant a coconut tree together. We will have your names written on plaque by the tree. This marks the end of the ceremony.

    Private Beach Dinner

    Around 7:00 PM, you will have a private romantic dinner on the beach (if the weather permits) – the chef will be preparing an exclusive a la carte meal.

    That sums up our typical ceremony. We are of course happy to add any items to accommodate special requests. If you have something in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll do our best to see if it can be done.


    • Wedding setup at the sandbank at the end of the island
    • Light traditional live music at the start of the wedding ceremony
    • Transport to and from the sandbank
    • Local wedding clothes if desired
    • Small wedding cake
    • Professional photo shoot
    • Drone video on request/availability
    • Romantic beach dinner


    Take a look at Bliss’s wedding clip!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, it is not possible to get legally married in the Maldives for foreigners. This is purely a ceremonial celebration. A renewal of wedding vows, or the first vows just before or after getting married in your home country.

    Unfortunately we cannot control the weather. When it is rainy or stormy, we could either move the event to a different day or host the ceremony on our rooftop. Ideally we would reschedule it so that you’re able to have the event at the beach.

    Please do keep in mind that Maldivian weather forecasts is rarely correct. Don’t trust what is predicted.

    Yes! The vow itself is ideally written by yourselves so that it is more personal.

    The ceremony itself is more of a coming together of two people at a beautiful place with the natives singing and performing, celebrating their union.

    Remaining with more general questions? take a look at our
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and facts!

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